Sunday, August 09, 2009


I finally received my August edition of Professional Photographer Magazine.
I wonder what could be inside?

Let's open it up to the table of contents....

Hmmm....this photo looks strangely familiar.

Is that MY NAME in bold print??? It is!

And here's my article: "Business in the Boondocks" (or how to survive as a rural photographer). It is a real honor to be featured in this magazine. It is one of the premier photography magazines in North America, and I've always wanted to be published in a "glossy" (glossy magazine)!

Oh--and many thanks to all the photographers who have sent me e-mails about the article this week. I appreciate it so much! And I really appreciate all those who have allowed me to have a business in the boondocks. Couldn't have done it without my fabulous clients!