Thursday, November 30, 2006

First Snow

Well, here I am again, posting non-portrait pics, but I couldn't help myself! We got our first snow of the season! It's nothing special, but we'll take any moisture we can get on our parched land. Of course, kids think that ANY snow is fun, and my kids are no exception....

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More of Arkansas

As promised...

The old shed...and the tub I swam in as a tot...

Leaves--a wonderful site, since our Okie trees are bare!

To some, this would be an "antique," but it's just "old junk" when it's still getting good use as a watering can!

Birdhouse made from a dried gourd.

The dogwood tree I climbed many, many times...

A rusty bowl--something about it drew my attention.

The birdhouse where "Hannah birds" hatch each spring (named after DD).

Ma-Maw's front door (Ooooo--somebody's letting all the heat out!!!) with the appropriate sign: "I'm in my garden"

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Still life photographs for your viewing pleasure

Last week, I enjoyed my annual "pilgrimmage" back to my homeland of Arkansas. Even though I like Oklahoma, I love visiting "the natural state" because it really is full of natural beauty.

All of these images were taken at my maternal grandmother's home (affectionately called "Ma-Maw"). I have grown up around all of these things and many have special memories or stories behind them. Others are just simple things that are beautiful in their own way; probably because they are uncommon in the world that I now live in. It's funny how you can "grow" a whole new set of eyes when you get older.
The picture above is the old shed beside Ma-Maw's beloved garden. It's funny how an something can go from an old "eye-sore" to being "en vogue"--I told Ma-Maw that photographers are all on the lookout for old, rotten barns and buildings these days to use as backdrops for their pictures. I'm sure she thought that to be strange...
More pics to come tomorrow....

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sweet Pea

Don't you just love itty bitty babies? This little sweet pea was almost one month old when we took these. She's just a super-cute little blondie and even though she was a little fussy that day, we managed to catch a few peaceful baby moments!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Ok, that's her nickname not her REAL name, but since I've known her pretty much all her life (since she was 2 or 3) and she is my neice, I can call her whatever I want to, right?

Seems like I rarely ever get around to doing pics for my own family, but lately I've had the chance to take all my neice's pics (except one; I'm waiting for Christmas to get her! LOL!). Even my little one wanted to be a part of this session (she loves her Britty!), and, if you've ever met a photographer's kid, then you know it's generally like pulling teeth to get them interested in having portraits made!

Thanks, Brit, for being such a good model!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Meet Courtney! She dropped by for a few headshots for the Miss LHS pagent coming up on November 18th. Good luck to Courtney & all the gals from Leedey who will be participating!