Sunday, July 16, 2006

Back from "The Creek"

Falls Creek, that is! If you're an Okie, you've probably been there or at least heard of Falls Creek. It's a Christian youth camp in the Arbuckle Mountians where at least 10% of Oklahoma teens spend part of their summer. I've been numerous times (I even served there one summer as a lifeguard) but this was my first trip with our church here in Leedey & it was a great one! I had so much fun getting to know the youth & the sponsors a little better. Luckily for Tim, he managed to avoid the annual tradition of secretly dumping a water jug of ice water on the preacher's head during the group photo session....not so lucky for the poor guy who was sitting beside him & managed to get the bulk of it on him instead!

The theme of the week centered around Jeremiah's trip to the potter's house where he watched the potter make something useful from clay, even the marred clay. It was a great reminder to us all how God wants to form & shape our lives if we will just allow Him to. It also reminded us about how God still wants to use us, even if we have imperfections & flaws (Yep, that'd be all of us!). The week made me think about a lot of things in my spiritual life and I am currently praying about going on a mission trip to Cologne, Germany next summer with Oklahoma youth. Like I said: great week.

Oh--check out my DH shooting hoops at camp--he's still got it!

Check out if you've never been or want to learn more.

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