Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Good-Bye Summer.....

We said "farewell" to summer last week as we took our final trip of the season to the beach--South Padre Island, Texas. It was a wonderful trip, as always. We didn't have to endure the 12 hour trip alone--our good friends, the Coopers, and my sister, Emily, helped us make it through (as did the walkie-talkies; our entertainment during the long ride). Oh, and stops at Chick-fil-a also helped (note: I highly recommend their new hand-shaken chocolate milkshakes-yum!). The most aggravating part of the experience (for me, anyway) was the fact that my Nikon lens kept fogging up in the crazy humidity (it was high, even for the beach). So, I have very few digital pics; I mostly used my Canon film SLR since it cooperated nicely. So stay to come soon!!!

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