Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Beauty Myth

Think you'll never compare to those women on the magazine covers & billboard ads? You're right...because THEY DON'T EXIST!

I once attended a workshop which exposed me to all the hundreds of photo retouching (you might just call it "photo manipulation!") that every single person who's ever graced the cover of a modern magazine or ad goes through. It's unreal. I can't walk past the news stands without seeing it now. I wish I had known this as a teenager--that all my expectations about being "beautiful" simply were unrealistic.

Yes, I do touch up my photos, but I was taught never to do too much (you always want their Mama to be able to recognize them!).

I appreciate what Dove is trying to do with these ads. Check out (Special thanks to photographer,. Dejah Quinn, for bringing this video to my attention)

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