Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Still life photographs for your viewing pleasure

Last week, I enjoyed my annual "pilgrimmage" back to my homeland of Arkansas. Even though I like Oklahoma, I love visiting "the natural state" because it really is full of natural beauty.

All of these images were taken at my maternal grandmother's home (affectionately called "Ma-Maw"). I have grown up around all of these things and many have special memories or stories behind them. Others are just simple things that are beautiful in their own way; probably because they are uncommon in the world that I now live in. It's funny how you can "grow" a whole new set of eyes when you get older.
The picture above is the old shed beside Ma-Maw's beloved garden. It's funny how an something can go from an old "eye-sore" to being "en vogue"--I told Ma-Maw that photographers are all on the lookout for old, rotten barns and buildings these days to use as backdrops for their pictures. I'm sure she thought that to be strange...
More pics to come tomorrow....

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Mia Romano said...

Beautiful work! I love this one. I used to do lost of still life photography. It is some of my favorite kind to do.