Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Big Three-Oh

The dreaded birthday has finally arrived. I'm officially 30.

Seems like with every birthday, there are at least two groups that pop up: the "Oh-honey-you're-still-just-a-baby!" crowd and the "You're-THAT-old?" posse.

I prefer to hang out with the "been-there-done-that-recently-so-I-feel-your-pain" crowd, myself. Lucky me, I have some of those people in my life. They like to remind you that: A. - You're not really THAT old {yet} B. - I survived and so will you C. - You don't look a day over 21 {lol!}

My family & I headed to Texas for the weekend to do some photo shoots & do some shopping and visiting. Check out what my BFF {best friend} took time to do especially for me!

As we made our way to our room (at the conference center where she works), we found this on the door:

Then there was this waiting inside:

(Count 'em--there's 30 balloons in there!)

And, most IMPORTANTLY, this...

30 beautiful, delicious Devil Bites {specialty of Kathy's Bakery in Iowa Park, TX) my absolute FAVORITE dessert in the whole world {My BFF & I share this passion}!!

Thirty's not so bad after all! : )


Bethany said...

Happy Birthday!!!! The big 3-0 huh?!?! I hope it was wonderful and you ate some of those YUMMY looking chocolates for me! :)

twice said...

Happy Birthday! We're just getting started! -Harrison