Monday, November 26, 2007

Scott + Elizabeth's E-Session

I can't wait to photograph Scott & Elizabeth's wedding next spring. Elizabeth will be a stunning bride and Scott is sure to keep us all laughing!

Having a little fun with sunflare...

The sky was so incredibly blue that evening...and it also got incredibly cold (notice how they are huddling together for warmth?)!

Another blue sky example. This was a tough shot--the sun set very quickly and we ended up working in the dark for a few. I do like the architecture, though....and I added a little texture just for fun.

Scott & Elizabeth's entire e-session slideshow can be viewed here.
{By the way, an e-session is an engagement session in case you are wondering!}


abigail smith said...

Thanks for leaving your nice comment on my blog. I had a wonderful trip and I do wish I could print a ton of photos and cover my walls with them to remind me of Australia and the people. BUT, I don't think I'd have enough room and I can always come back to look at them on my computer.

About your e-session... They look like they're gonna be a great couple to photograph at their wedding! And she will definitely be a beautiful bride.

Bethany said...

LOVE them all!!! These are absolutely fantastic darling! Keep it up, we need to catch up sometime. :o)