Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cameras: Never Leave Home Without 'Em!

Yesterday, I had to drive to my college classes in what was left of the ice storm. Oh, how I wished I had my camera in the passenger seat!! There were so many wonderful things that I ice patterns on the field irrigation systems, trees sagging from the weight of their frozen limbs, the irony of green fields when everything surrounding them was white (yes, we have green fields of winter wheat).... Best of all, the sky was beautiful! The grey clouds were hanging very low and it was as if the sky was trapped between the earth & clouds. The colors were amazing--very azul (I have to use the Spanish word because just plain ol' "blue" doesn't quite do it justice), almost purple. Plus, the dark greens, browns, rusts and reds on earth were very saturated colors from the wetness. It was gorgeous!

What can we learn?

#1--Always have a camera nearby--you never know when you might stumble upon something picture-worthy.

#2--Though it's not really fun to get out after a thunderstorm or ice storm, it is an excellent time for taking photos. Anytime the sky is completely cloud-covered makes for excellent, evenly lit photos and whenever the ground is wet, the colors of the earth are amazing.

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