Saturday, June 07, 2008

Au Revoir!

Au revoir, y'all....I'm off to Louisiana for a week, New Orleans to be exact. I'm going with some of the youth from our church to work on some mission projects--mostly reconstruction, clean up and painting--for folks in New Orleans. And I hope to find time to get a nice beignet or two while I'm in the neighborhood (but I'll pass on the gumbo). :)

The last time I was in NOLA was the summer that Katrina hit, so I'll be very interested to see how the city has changed since that time.

I'm also going to try to work on a photojournalism project while I'm there so keep an eye out...hopefully, I'll be able to share.

I'm supposed to have internet access, so if you need to reach me, it's best to e-mail. Phone calls are welcome, but I may not be available to answer very often.

Keep checking the blog this week--maybe I can share photos along the way!

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