Thursday, April 09, 2009

College Grads: Heather & Micah

Heather is a good friend of mine. Together, we survived our Mass Comm classes at SWOSU by leaning on each other, whining to each other and laughing at/with each other.

That would probably explain why I like this picture so's Heather in her natural state: laughing! She has the best's very contagious.

And yes, I know you're thinking it so just go ahead and say it...she has the best lips! Everyone envies those lips. You're not the first. ;)

I also got to meet Heather's sister, Micah. Micah is also graduating this semester from SWOSU. Their parents must be so relieved...I mean, PROUD! :)

Micah is a surgical tech (hence the awesome pinstriped scrubs). I wish I could handle the medical field but everyone knows that I can't even make it through one episode of ER without dry-heaving. Sad, but true!

Congratulations, ladies!!

May wherever life leads you be filled with happiness and laughter!!

(P.S. Stop by tomorrow to see the many ridiculous faces of Heather)

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

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