Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Are you a preschool/daycare owner? Homeschool family?

If you own a preschool or daycare with 10 or more children or if you are a homeschooling family that participates in a homeschool association, you, too, can take part in yearly "school" pictures!

{Check out these portraits from previous daycare & preschool shoots}

Why take school portraits?
One of the best benefits of using Four Seasons Photography for your class portraits is that 10% of sales will be returned to the school! Not only will taking class photos give your school a more professional image, it also is a fundraiser with little effort on your part!

How much time will be needed for photos?
This really depends on your class size. A class picture will take no more than 10 minutes (that includes getting the class in order). Individual photos will take a bit more time, depending on the age & cooperation of the children. My goal is to keep the child out of class no more than 5 minutes, but some children require a bit more prodding to get a great shot. Also, if you are a daycare provider, I often take "sibling sets" for the parents who have multiple children at the facility. Therefore, with a class of 20, it could take up to an hour and half to complete the individual portraits. I hope you will take great effort to keep the class schedule moving along as usual. My goal is not to interfere with daily activities.

Where will we take the pictures?
I prefer working outdoors if you have a nice area with shade available. Natural light makes a beautiful portraits and is less interrupting to the class. However, if you prefer “traditional” school portraits or if the weather prohibits outdoor photography, I will need an area indoors. An ideal location would be where students can be photographed without distraction from peers and where there is plenty of room for my studio equipment (area needed: at least 5x6 ft.) . After we schedule a date for portraits, I will visit your location to determine the best place for the technical aspects of photography and you can let me know if it will be best for your class, also.

I am now accepting appointments for spring school portraits and graduation portraits and/or event coverage. If you have questions or would like to schedule a date for your school, please give me a call at (580) 705-0054.

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