Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Double Dose of PK's

My kids are PK's in two ways: #1 (the most traditional form of "PK") They are preacher's kids #2 They are photographer's kids.

Being a preacher's kid has it blessings and hurdles. Blessings include always having an extended family--people who love and watch out for you daily--through our church family (which is especially great when you live far away from family) and getting to sample lots of wonderful homemade goodies from the best cooks in town. One of the downsides include what people refer to as "being in the fishbowl" (a.k.a "everyone's watching")...but I contend that every kid has that problem just in different ways (teacher's kid, coach's kid, mayor's get the picture).

Now, photographer's kids suffer a similar fate. The upside is that you always have plenty of wallets to hand out to your friends during school picture time (and yours always look better than the run-of-the-mill traditional school poses). You *sometimes* get to talk mom into a cute outfit or neat accessory when she thinks it might "make a cute picture." But the downside is that you are constantly being called on to be a photographic guinea pig. Then, mom makes you "move a little to the left," "lift your chin & tilt your head to the right," "stand on your head but don't move..." (just kidding on that one)

Case in point...these pictures were taken as I was studying my prime lens and natural light.

(One is quiet & shy; the other is our crazy kiddo--can you tell which is which?)

So these are my two little often willing, not always cooperative photographic guinea pigs. They make a pretty good pair of PK's, if you ask me!

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