Sunday, April 22, 2007

Birthday Bowling

Today is my daughter's birthday! HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY, H!!!

As is tradition for all elementary-aged school girls, we held a slumber party this weekend in honor of her special day. But before the slumbering commenced, we headed out for some pizza & bowling.

Mom had a little fun going "old school" on the pics. Lots of grain + tinted/muted colors = fun!

Here's the birthday girl...

...her pals...


And since we're "keeping it real" here in blog world, I will show you the annual "thorn in my side:" the birthday cake.

We started a tradition of baking b-day cakes in the shape of a number a few years back when Nana found some cool number cake forms on sale.

I wish I had never started. For me, anyway, it has turned into the annual "I wonder how ugly this year's cake will be?" tradition.

I can do many things, but cake decorating is not one of them, I'm sad to say. (And it really bothers me that I can't master it).

Just in case you are wondering, these are supposed to be little girls in sleeping bags (sleepover, remember?). A much cuter, less pitiful version can be found HERE

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