Saturday, July 05, 2008

Harrison & The Attack of the Chiggars

Say "hello" to Harrison!

I'll just get right to it...this was my favorite shot of the day. Three cheers for beautiful bokeh! Hip-hip-hooray! For those who don't speak "photography," bokeh is related to the "blurred out" background and the shapes that appear therein. In this shot, there is an abundance of circular bokeh in the background, but other shapes can be created like polygons. The purpose of bokeh (not to be confused with boekh which, apparently is some kind of Mongolian wrestling that comes up when you misspell words in the search engine--lol!) is to put focus on the subject of the photo rather than the surroundings.

And, while this shot is not much different, I couldn't keep coming back to it because I kept thinking of a Calvin Klein ad or something. I have no idea why (except that Harrison is a mighty handsome little model)!

And, let's talk about the location for a sec. This was taken in the pasture behind his house. In fact, the old house in the background was the house Harrison's great grandpa grew up in. Cool, huh? The light was beautiful and the grass was green and tall, but there was a hidden danger lurking in that beautiful location.

Chiggers. Loads and loads of chiggers.

I didn't find out until the next day when I awoke to tons of little itchy spots all over my body. I've been in plenty of pastures and overgrown lots this summer, but I have always remembered my boots, jeans and bug spray. Obviously, I forgot the latter this time!

Harrison's prized possession: the antique airplane! So shiny! So fun!

I know some people won't like this shot because it is not centered, but I happen to love it. And it doesn't violate the rule of thirds...another boring photography discussion that you probably don't want to have after all the talk of bokeh. : )

This was my last shot of the day. Harrison took quite a while to warm up to me, but I finally convinced him to try the red chair. He sat in it, gave me a smile and an unsolicited "Cheese!" and said, "Thank you!" a.k.a. "Thank you--you can leave now!" lol!

Kids....they always keep me on my toes!


Bethany said...

What a little stud muffin! I could just squeeze him, though I won't cause I'm pretty sure he wouldn't like it so much. He's a cutie for sure, and you definitely got you some good bokeh.

Megan said...

Thanks for acknowledging my bokeh--it makes me feel like an empowered photographer (lol)!

Jennifer said...

omgosh he is so stinkin cute, I love the plane/car he's sitting in too!

Bethany said...

You're trying to be the LB now huh?!?! I need entertainment!!!

Megan said...

Thanks, Jennifer! He is pretty darn cute.

As for you, Miss B, I can not take on the LB title b/c I have a valid excuse: I've been at youth camp for a week...remember???

Bethany said...

I know, I actually did remember. But picking at you is a favorite past time of mine, remember???? Plus, I had to find a flaw. lol

Photography by Ruth said...

these are so cute Megan!!! Sounds like you've had a busy summer!