Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Is....

Softball. At least in Leedey it is. I'm not kidding you when I say they live & breathe softball/baseball in this town!

My DD (that's "internet talk" for "dear daughter") up to bat. I promise that neither of my children get their softball skills from their mother. Or any athletic skills whatsoever, for that matter! I was more likely to be in Student Council than on any kind of team that involved sweating! lol!

Aw...this kiddo's not mine, but I love this picture.

This kiddo, however, IS mine. Now that's a bonafide ballplayer, complete with visor, glove and bubble gum in the side of the mouth!

Her coach could tell a good story...thank goodness! He kept the masses entertained when we were waiting for games to begin. Do you know how hard it is to capture and keep the attention of a bunch of kids ages 3-6? Near impossible! I'm telling you--he's got talent!

I told you they l-o-v-e ball in Leedey. They start 'em young here! (No, I did not alter the color in this photo: baby girl was simply that HOT!).

One last shot of my big girl either taunting the other team from the bench or cheering on her teammates.

Summer is for softball and so much more!

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