Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shoot the Moon

Last week, H & I went out to shoot the moon...literally. Due to hazy clouds, the moon was looking mighty mysterious. We set up a tripod in the middle of our street (good thing we live in a low traffic area) and tried our best to get a good shot. For nighttime or low light shots, it is really important to leave your shutter open for a long time (to let as much light in as possible). That means that even the slightest shake will usually lead to image blur. So what happens when you combine a camera with a long, heavy lens, high winds and an extremely cold photographer into the mix? Camera shake. Oh well! It didn't turn out like I wanted--it's not quite as good as my total lunar eclipse picture--but it's still kind of fun. It's good to get out and experiement sometimes. You should try it.

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