Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Time Flies (Just Ask Spicy the Moth)

We were reminded how brief life can be this week through a moth named "Spicy." Yes, a moth (&, no, I don't know why she named him Spicy). Big sis captured a moth for "Bobo" (little sis) and she was oh-so-happy about it. When Spicy escaped in our house before bedtime Monday night, Bobo was quite upset, but she left the parents in charge of capturing him once more (we complied--good thing moths are attracted to the glare of the tv set!).

Bobo was thrilled to find Spicy safe & sound in his bug trap home the next morning...just in time for show & tell at school! Hooray! She happily trotted off to Pre-K, bumpity-bumping Spicy all the way (I was just hoping he survived until show & tell!). Luckily, he survived, but not for long. I was working on the computer later that afternoon when Bobo brought him in. I broke the news to her--"I think Spicy may have died."--which was, of course, not acceptable at all. There were many tears & much wailing...but Spicy is now in a better place (the trash can).

It's funny how something as commonplace as a moth can be a treasured possession to a kid. I'm so glad I took a minute to snap a picture of her "treasure" before the story came & passed. If you're not careful, a childhood will come & go before you know it.'s your reminder to book portraits for your kids before time slips away!

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