Saturday, June 02, 2007

"It's a girl!" Umm... "It's a boy!"

Remember our cute little kitty, Dixie? Well, evidently we made one minor (okay, MAJOR) mistake. We thought she was a girl...but she's not! We recently discovered after a quick recheck that "she" is actually a "he"--whoops! We decided that "Dixie" sounded too feminine, so he has now been renamed, "Toby." We've had a hard time with the transition (I still hear "Come here, girl," or "Where is she?" fairly often), but we are finally starting to get our pronouns straightened out!


Jennifer said...

how funny, my aunt and uncle did the same thing for a long time they named their cat maxine and then one day they found out that maxine was max, so funny! She is so cute, but I have a sweet spot for kittens and cats!

tanya said...

OHHHHHHHH..tooo sweet...!

twice said...

so cute!!