Monday, June 18, 2007

Tree Climbers

Our weekend was a quiet, laid-back one and we soaked it up because it's so rarely like that! My oldest child discovered the joy of climbing the solitary tree on our front lawn at dusk one night (we live in western Oklahoma; we're lucky to have one tree!). It reminded me of my childhood and the time when I climbed our mimosa tree to see where a firetruck was headed (we lived far into the country & firetrucks or traffic of any kind were pretty rare). I created a problem when I put most of my weight onto a skinny little rotten branch....and it snapped. I spent the next 3 months wearing a sling and trying to do my third grade homework with my left hand instead of my right. My daughter was forewarned!

Oh--this was our other tree climber....

...Toby. I'm not so worried about him breaking any bones.


Jennifer said...

These are all beautiful, I love tree shots I especially like #1 great job!!

tanya said...

Oh, those the kitty get down?
Very cute shot!