Friday, January 11, 2008

What I Did on Christmas Vacation: Part Three


The Franks family delayed our Christmas celebration until January so that we could journey to the mountains of Red River, New Mexico for some fun in the snow. I've been to Red River many times over the past eleven years, but I think this was the best snow and the best weather I've seen since I first started going there.

Without further ado...


A view from the top. Not bad for a little point-n-shoot camera! (I had to borrow Hannah's camera--I saved my camera for tubing and candids. My camera wouldn't fit in my pocket anyway!). By the way, that tiny little person is Tim skiing ahead of me...


Lauryn snuggles with Aunt Sherry.


Me and my ski school drop-out took a few runs on the bunny hill before we retired her skiis and boots.


Brittany and her coolest aunt (me!) on the lifts.


Check it out: Grandma on the snowmobile! Go Grandma!


Gang's all here (minus the adults)!

This concludes my presentation of "What I Did on Christmas Vacation." Please join me next time for "What I Did on Spring Break"-lol!


Bethany said...

Looks like loads of fun!!! And the crab in the last post made me crave crab, which may be a hard craving to fill at 9AM. Thanks. lol

Megan said...

Good luck on your crab cravings (I'm not a fan myself!)