Friday, February 15, 2008

On Location with Miss C, Part One

Remember the outtakes from Miss C's senior session? Well, here's the final result of all our on-location madness!

Miss C already had her locations in mind when she called me and I was totally psyched about her ideas...not to mention we had a lot of fun! So without further ado, enjoy a few of Miss C's senior portraits:

Can you get any cooler than this sweet ride?

I think she looks like a glamourous Hollywood star from the 30's in this one. It reminds me of an old portrait I've seen but I can't remember who it was....

I was a little concerned about privacy issues with the license plate, so I customized it!
("SNR 008")

The sky was SO blue that day. Loved it!

Yet another sweet ride! I think she could totally be a Harley girl! :)

Another one of the great locations she had selected (name blurred for web viewing) ...

...and one I spotted along the way.

, so I shared more than a few....but guess what? I have even MORE to share! Come back for part two tomorrow!


Bethany said...

Well, you know I LOVE them!!!!!! Amazing locations, and colors!!!

Megan said...

Thanks, doll!