Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Sad Day in Photography World

Today I heard that Polaroid will no longer be producing its famous instant "Polaroid" film. How sad!! Polaroids are as American as apple pie, if you ask me. With the dawn of digital photography, "old school" photography has been experiencing quite a revival, Polaroids included.

Someone on the radio mentioned how Polaroids had been useful on mission trips and humanitarian efforts in third-world areas where there was no local photo lab to run to. Many villagers in these types of areas may have never had a photograph of themselves, their children or family members had it not been for an outsider with a Polaroid camera. That just makes me sad to think that such a useful tool will be no more!

The Polaroid Company is, for the record, hoping someone will buy the license for the technology and produce it on someone else's dime, so there's hope yet. But the moral of the story is, if you have a Polaroid camera, go stock up on film! It will only be available for one more year.

Read more about this sad news HERE.


Kara May said...

I know, isn't that crazy!? Great post :)

Megan said...

It IS. Makes me wanna go stock up!