Monday, February 04, 2008


Who says you can't have a great on-location photo shoot in February? Yesterday, I met up with Miss C for a fun and fabulous senior session. We visited a variety of locations that often involved, climbing on piles of twisted metal, squeezing through barbed-wire fences, and dangling over pools of water. Here are some of the outtakes from the day:

Just another day at the the junk yard! Miss C & mom checked with the owner to make sure that we could borrow his junk for the shoot. He'd never gotten that request before but was happy to share...he was just glad someone loved his junk as much as he did!

A friend of the family let us borrow his beautifully restored cars and trucks (and a Harley, too!) for a bit. I joked with Miss C that she brought her very own pit crew! (Here, her sister is doing a little make-up touch-up).

Miss C had to scoot across the length of the limb that is dangling over the water (in her pointy-toed alligator skin boots, no less!). I told her I saw something similiar on Man Vs. Wild once (minus the fashionable footwear).

Photography is fun...and dangerous {lol}!

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Bethany said...

Don't mind me. Just dying over here. Waiting on the real cool senior pics. Sheesh.