Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Many Faces of Bobo

I know: Bobo is a weird nickname for a kid. Surprisingly, there is no backstory to it either. It's just something that came out of her daddy's mouth one day & it kinda stuck.

She is a quirky little creature. Unlike our oldest who has always been soft-spoken and a little shy (she once told her Sunday school teacher, "I only talk to kids."), Bobo has pretty much been her exact opposite: loud, boisterous, goofy.

Last week, she was in a indulgent mood and allowed me to take her picture. After one or two, she suddenly began striking poses of all variations. Crazy kid.


Robin DePaula said...

Megan - she is so cute!!! Love all her silly faces.

twiceknit said...

Adorable! I love how she poses.

I tagged you today on my blog. No need to do it, it was an easy blog entry. Yes, I'm lazy. Even on vacation!

Jennifer said...

aww she is so sweet, I love her many faces, beautiful eyes! Oh and I love her name too!

Bethany said...

She is hysterical and soooo beautiful! I can't get over how gorgeous she is.