Saturday, March 29, 2008

Playing Tag

My friend Harrison tagged me today. That means, I get to share 10 little known facts about me (I're thrilled, right?). So, in case you missed the first installment of blog tag, here goes round two :

1. When I was a kid, I decided that I wanted to be an astronaut despite watching the Challenger spaceship burst into flames the very same year. I was inspired by my third grade teacher, Mrs. Oliver, who applied for the teacher in space position that Christa McAuliffe won. Sadly, I grew up and realized actually becoming an astronaut meant excelling in math and science. Let's just say my algebra teachers never nominated me for an outstanding student awards (that's for sure). ;)

2. One of my OCD tendencies is that I firmly believe all bathrooms should have the toilet paper accessible from the top of the roll, not underneath. I would even be willing to change it in someone else's home if I was there very long!

3. Since Tim & I married, we have carried on a NCAA tournament tradition of selecting teams from the bracket and giving points for each win (final four wins get more points) to see who will dominate. Actually, we started doing this before we were married with our friends, the McElroy family. This year, our eldest daughter joined the fun...much to our dismay. She's been creaming us!

4. I am a minimalist. I like clean lines (in clothing and furniture), solid color clothing, simple shoes & just enough make-up to get the job done. I guess it's my way of trying to keep life as simple as possible.

5. I check e-mail WAY too much...probably 15 times or more a day (but I'm trying to wean myself). And,'s more than 15 times a day.

6. Tim & I have been trying to become more healthy this year. We've given up all unnatural sweeteners (aspartame) and reduced (almost eliminated) white sugars/white flours from our diet. We've added more protein, veggies and whole foods. We allow ourselves one day off a week to eat a typical American diet but we've found that when we do eat junk on our day off, we feel terrible and miss our fresh veggies! Who knew?

7. I will graduate with my bachelor degree next May...fourteen years after I first started it!!

8. I hate flannel sheets.

9. I have suffered from migraine headaches since I was an elementary-aged kid, but since the birth of my second child, they have subsided significantly.

10. I love the sound of whippoorwills. They are a type of nocturnal bird that I often heard growing up in the forests of Arkansas. They make a very soothing's a great lullaby.


Bethany said...

We have far too much in common!

OCD - check. My toilet paper must roll over the top. MUST.

Migraines - check. Mine too have improved.

Flannel sheets - double check. UGGGGHHHHH Makes me all icky just thinking about it.

Eating healthier. Um kinda check. Trying.

Bethany said...

Oh, forgot....

Checking email - guilty and check. I am obsessed.

Megan said...

Welcome to the "weirdo club!" :)