Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why Not Host A Portrait Party?

{ Images from past portrait parties}

What is a "portrait party?"
Let's face it: with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, things like making an appointment to have your child's or family's yearly portraits can be easy to put off. Portrait parties are an easy way to make sure your family--and your friends' families--set aside a day to record your family history.

Portrait parties have a hostess who is in charge of finding a location and setting appointments within the allotted party date (sessions are approximately 30 minutes each). She is the liaison between the photographer and participating families. She can even provide snacks or drinks for the party, though this is not a requirement.

What are the benefits of a portrait party?
Each family/individual that books a session at the party receives:
*$15 off the regular sitting fee
*25% off of total print order

For the hostess's hard work, she will get:

*A free sitting fee
*A portion to total sales is credited to her account to be used to order prints or specialty items
*25% off total print order
*A complementary spiral-bound 5x5 proof book, with a custom designed cover like this one:

I don't advertise portrait parties on my website simply because I can only take a limited number of them. Also, portrait parties are not to be used for huge family reunion-type sittings; it's impossible to work with giant groups in such a small session time.

Portrait parties require quite a bit of advance planning. If you are interested in hosting one this spring or summer, call or e-mail me now to talk about dates!

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