Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I don't like to play favorites when it comes to the kiddos I photograph, but I gotta admit....this is one of my favorites. But she's my neice; it's allowed. :)

Callie, affectionately known as "Cal-Cal," is now six months old! You'd hardly recognize her from her newborn photos or her three month session.

By the way, these were all taken using natural light. I've used studio lights for babies in the past, but I'm trying to stear clear of it these days. I just love natural light and it makes the session so much less intimidating for kids when there aren't any giant, hot strobe lights towering over them in their living room!

(It's always good to end on a happy note.)

By the way, if you're still guessing the location of the state with the beautiful sunflower fields, it was Kansas where little Cal-Cal had her pictures made!

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Bethany said...

She's SO big!!! And just the cutest bug ever. LOOVE the one on the bed!