Thursday, September 11, 2008

For Busy Bodies

I'm busy. You're busy. We're all busy here. I don't know about you, but I live and die by the calendar. One problem I've always had was keeping up with my own personal calendar while trying to also keep up with my husband & children's comings & goings...sometimes I'd never find out what was going on until the last minute.

But recently, I found a cool online calendar called Cozi. I couldn't keep it to myself; I had to share.

This is my calendar's homepage. You can upload photos, there's a spot for journaling (great for people like me who can never seem to keep up with the family blog) and even a section for shopping lists. The best part about the shopping list is that you can have it sent via a text message to your phone! I love that since I make tons of lists...and tend to forget to bring them with me!

(You can even use the list function to save wish lists or sizes, etc. of family members. That's going to come in real handy around Christmas time!)

What's cool is that you never run out of room on a Cozi calendar (unlike my daytimer which never has enough room to fill in everyone's activities in one little square). The best part is that it color codes events/activities. On my calendar, red is an event that applies to everyone in the family, aqua are my events, el hubbo is purple, & daughters get yellow/orange dots. Hooray for organization!

I guess I should mention the best part about the Cozi's free! Sure, there are some ads on the homepage but that's okay by me.

By the way, be sure to call me and schedule an appointment to put on your calendar before fall comes and goes!

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