Thursday, November 13, 2008

Amanda: Too Many Favorites

First off, Amanda wins the "funniest client of the year" award. She had called weeks in advance to schedule her appointment; she was planning ahead (good girl!). When I called the night before to confirm, she was laying out her wardrobe (good girl!). She was right on time for her session, traveling to Leedey from Elk City (a 35 minute drive) and we started discussing which locations we would visit to first:

Me: "What are you going to wear? Let's look at your clothes so I can decide which location is best for each outfit."

Amanda: "Okay, they're in the back."

(I open the back)

Me: "They're not back here. I don't see anything."

Amanda: "They are in the Dillard's bag. I thought I put them back there." (No Dillard's bag) Check under the seats...Oh my gosh. Where are they?!? Mom?? Where's my Dillard's bag?? Did you see where I put them in the car?!? Help me find them!!!! Oh my gosh...oh my gosh..."

Other expressions of panic were to follow.

Amanda is the only senior girl I have ever known who left her entire senior photo shoot wardrobe at home!! She wasn't even wearing an outfit that she planned to be photographed in!

Luckily, big sister + brother-in-law saved the day by making a mad dash to Leedey. We were afraid we were going to run out of sunlight--and we almost did--but it all worked out wonderfully. So wonderfully, in fact, that I had a very hard time choosing what to post on the blog.

A beautiful girl + perfect evening light = too many favorites!

Amanda brought her artwork with her...which I loved. These are your senior photos; let's make them personal! I encourage seniors to bring anything that is significant or unique to them & we will try to incorporate it however we can.

Since I didn't know she was bringing her artwork, I didn't have the supplies I needed for what I envisioned. Never fear--Photoshop to the rescue!

"Hey...remember the time when I left all my clothes at home for my senior photo shoot? Oh my gosh, that was so funny..."

Trying a little tint here. I think it works!

We were running on like two ounces of sunlight at this point, but I was determined to try. I really wanted the yellow leaves as a background to her hot pink shirt. But I admit, I'm a sucker for autumn leaves no matter the wardrobe...

Thanks for the laughs, Amanda! Enjoy your images and your senior year!


Stephanie said...

these are great Megan! I love the one with her artwork all around. She's very talented too!

Robin DePaula said...

absolutely beautiful, Megan!!!