Sunday, November 09, 2008

I Feel Your Pain (I Really Do)

I know family portrait sessions can be a little stressful sometimes. Does any of this sound familiar?

*You begin shopping for coordinating outfits two months in advance.

*You start making a mental list of places that would be great for a family portrait.

*You schedule a date...but one family member has a conflict, so you reschedule.

*The one article of clothing that you REALLY wanted has sold out, is not in the size you need or just doesn't fit right. You make do with what you already have because something is better than nothing (and there's no time for shopping).

*The day of your session arrives...and winds whipping at 95 mph (or at least it feels like it). You have to reschedule.

*A conflict arises with the reschedule reschedule AGAIN.

*Two days before scheduled session, the perfect location you had in mind is no longer perfect (all the beautiful golden leaves have fallen off the trees).

*The day of session: at least one person is not feeling well (or just cranky) while another is acting like a goofball. You are worried about how your hair is holding up in the wind and whether or not your shirt makes you look fat and if your head is turned the right way and if your necklace is straight, etc. etc. etc. Mostly, you wonder if there is going to be even one decent shot after all this work!

All of the above happened for my own family portraits! I really do understand that getting your entire family together for an hour or two is no small feat. I also understand that it takes a lot of preparation and planning to take a family portrait. I understand that weather is unpredictable. I understand that not everyone gets excited about taking family pictures (especially men). I understand that family portraits are not something that happens very regularly and you want to look your best. I understand how badly you'd like to have a nice portrait to hang on your living room wall. I understand...because I've been there!

That's why I try my best with every session--family, senior, baby, whatever--to make you feel at ease and to do everything in my power to provide the best images for you!

And, speaking from experience, be grateful that you are not trying to take your own family ain't easy, my friends. ;)

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