Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I've decided that I'm going to start posting some of my favorite finds on the internet & beyond. Hey, if that Oprah gal can have a whole show dedicated to her favorite things, why can't I have a few blog posts? : ) Besides, it's NICE to share (or at least that's what my kindergarten teacher told me).

My fab find for this week is: http://www.jott.com/

Listen up all you easily distracted people! Unite all you folks who remember all the important things you should be doing while cruising down the highway at 60mph! You need JOTT in your life!

Their website says:
"You may experience moments of pure relief after Jotting. Extended use may result in organized schedules, met deadlines, better connections, and more time in your day."

Hip-hip-hooray!!!! What is it? Let me walk you through my latest JOTT experience:

1--Call toll free number (now saved to my cell phone)
2-Sweet, female-like computer-generated voice answers, "Who do you want to JOTT?"
3-I say, "Me."
4-"JOTT yourself," she nicely replies.
5-"Charge batteries," I remind myself.
6-"Got it," she assures me.
7-I hang up & rest my brain, happy that there is one less thing that I have to cram into my head.
8-The sweet computer-generated "lady" at JOTT transcribes my message and an e-mail is sent to my e-mail address reminding me to "Charge batteries." (It also includes the actual voice message in case they don't get the transcription quite right--you can spell out tricky words, though)
9-I check e-mail later & happily remember to charge my batteries.

How awesome is that? You can set it up to send a text message along with your e-mail reminder. You can also set it up to e-mail or text other people in your life. (Wives, are you hearing me? You could actually have JOTT e-mail/text your honey-do list to the man in your life! You could bombard him with reminders until he actually picks up the dry cleaning! Awesome!)

I can't tell you how wonderful this invention is for me. It seems I always have moments of clear thinking when I am far away from paper or don't need to be texting myself (driving & texting don't mix).

I hope you enjoy this FAB FIND as much as I do!

Oh...did I mention that it's a FREE service????

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