Wednesday, August 01, 2007

One of Those Days: Mr. T's 6 Month Session

Monday was a classic "one of those days." You know the kind: the stressful days where everything seems to be working against you?

I headed to Texas for a few photo sessions when storm clouds are gathered all around us. "Is it supposed to rain today?," I ask my hubby who quickly replies, "Yep." "Is it supposed to rain in Texas?," I ask as little beads of sweat begin to line my forehead. I, of course, had not checked the weather forecast. Wanna know why? BECAUSE IT DOESN'T RAIN IN TEXAS IN JULY. It just doesn't, at least, not at the end of July. The forecast for July always includes plenty of little sunshine illustrations & temperatures with triple-digits. (I should have known that the weather is in a rule-breaking sort of mood because for the first time in like twenty years, they haven't even reached 100 degrees in north Texas this summer.)

My nerves are beginning to get a little frazzled as I am driving through southern Oklahoma in a downpour, but the sun breaks through as I get closer to Texas. WHEW!

All of the sudden, I notice a sign pointing me to my destination...a sign going the opposite direction as my vehicle. I decide to trust the highway crew and follow their lead. "Hmmmm...nothing looks familiar on this road that I've driven a thousand times. Why is that?," I wonder. I soon find that I somehow missed my turn (maybe I was preoccupied with the blinding shower of rain) and was off track by probably 35 miles. Yay, me! Frazzled nerves? Check. High blood pressure? Check.

I barely make it to my destination in time for the shoot. It is an outdoor shoot. I am thankful that there are some clouds in the sky to filter the afternoon sun. I hop out of my vehicle to start scouting locations, and--I kid you not--the minute that I stepped outside, tiny raindrops began to fall!!!!

The rain passes and we start shooting. Enter third obstacle of the day: Mr. Solemn Face. Mr. T is a happy kid. I know it! I've seen him smile time & time again. But this day, he was not interested in smiling nor making eye contact nor humoring the adults in his life who danced and make funny faces and groveled on the ground seeking his attention. Nope, not interested.

Not interested.

Well, MAYbe....? Nope, still not interested.

I might be interested. Nah, I'm more interested in this bike.

I'm interested in getting out of this chair!

What's up with you weirdos? Why are you making those dumb noises?
Yep, it was one of those days.
Hey--Mr. T's still cute as a bug, even if we didn't get much of a smile out of him!

Here's one for mom & dad:

What a picture perfect family!


Jennifer said...

I really like the first pic of the little boy and that family portrait is beautiful!

tanya said...

You always do such great work!