Friday, September 28, 2007

Home on the Range

I'd like you to meet some good friends of mine: the Pollan family. They hail from the mighty state of Mississippi but have settled in Oklahoma where they now manage a ranch.

I grew up in Arkansas, so the Pollans and I get together to recall things we miss about the south (sweet tea, accents, strange southern words that aren't used in this part of the world) and things we don't miss (giant mosquitoes, suffocating humidity).
We've been planning a photo session for ages and we finally got the chance to get together. It was a windy day, but the light was beautiful on the ranch. In fact, I wish I had gotten there sooner because the golden light is already starting to fade quickly in the evenings.

This is what I like about on-location portraiture: I was able to take these photos at a unique location that is special to them (their home, the ranch). As an added bonus, the ranch provided lots of cool props and backgrounds. Sweet!

Enough chit-chat....let's see those pictures!

This is Miss M's "catch-me-if-you-can" stance. She was quick...

...but I caught her! How cute is she???

I love this picture. It's so cowboyesque (yes, spellcheck, I know it's not a word). The colors of the trees and the cattle with the dust in the air and the angle of the gate.....yep, it's just right.

It's a tradition in Mississippi farmers to take a picture with their crops. Cowboy G doesn't grow cotton, he grows cows!

That's a mighty fine lookin' couple!

And finally, a little fun in a John Deere tractor wheel!

Thanks for the fun, y'all!

You can see the Pollan family slideshow here.

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Jennifer said...

what a great family! I really love that last shot, thats too cute!

Maureen said...

Wow, these are wonderful! Love the wheel shots, love the cattle shot, love...oh heck I love them all!

Bethany said...

awesome!!! love the location!