Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Family Crest

This week's assignment for my Interpersonal Communications class involved creating a family crest for myself which explained a little about me and how my self-concept developed (a.k.a. "the important things that shape who I am today"). Just for fun, I thought I'd share it with you!

So, to explain....

The center of my crest is a cross & the word "faith" is written. I chose that because it's my faith in Christ that is the very foundation of anything and everything that I am and do.

On the left & right arms of the cross are the two family names that I have been blessed to be a part of: one by birth and one by marriage (note: joined in the center by a heart--love--and in faith).

The largest portion of my crest (or would have been the largest if I had been able to divide it some other way) is my family. Being a wife and a mom are the two most important positions I have, and will ever, hold.

Above the family section are places which have shaped who I am today. I have lived in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. All are very different places from one another--culturally and physically--even though they all share common borders. In the background is an American flag. I'm very proud and fortunate to be an American, though I admit, I often take it for granted.

The upper left is the portion which--you guessed it--represents Four Seasons Photography. My business fills a very special place in my life. Not only is it a financial livelihood, but it allows me to stretch my creative muscles on a regular basis (which has always been important to me) and I get to meet so many wonderful people!

The bottom left represents my other interests: blogging (of course!), traveling, the love of British things, Devil Bites (my favorite desssert) and reading. The big palm tree represents our beloved annual family vacation to the beach!

So, that's me in a nutshell. What would your crest look like?

P.S.--This project also taught me what a technology geek I've become. Gone are the good ol' days when I would just cut & paste a crest onto a poster board. I just had to design this in photoshop and print it on photo paper!! What is wrong with me?

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Bethany said...

LOVE the crest! So interesting to examine all the bits and pieces that make you. Very cool!