Sunday, April 13, 2008

Graduation Announcements

Class of 2008: There's still time to order custom graduation announcements before "Pomp & Circumstance" starts to play. Here's a few examples of this year's annoucement designs:

Remember, these designs can be customized to reflect your school colors. They are also printed on both front and back so we can add more photos (I've done some with both baby & senior photos before) or special invites to post-graduation dinners, etc. Really, we can do most anything!

In order to get your announcements and get them in the mail before graduation ceremonies, you need to order by the end of April, so don't wait (especially if you'd like me to do any custom designs).

{By the way, I removed the client's last name on the example cards above, just in case you are wondering what's going on with the blurry areas!}

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