Friday, April 25, 2008

Paradise for Little Girls

Tuesday was H's birthday. It was also the day that we were scheduled to be in the Dallas metro area. Lucky her: she got to spend part of her special day at a special place called The American Girl Boutique & Bistro.

Maybe you've never heard of American Girls. The company boasts that its goal is to celebrate girls of strong character. They have a line of historical character dolls--each with their own line of storybooks--that follow the life of girls throughout different periods of American History. I love 'em! It's a great way for kids to connect with the past. They also have Just Like You® Dolls that are designed to look like the child and a line of baby dolls ( Bitty Baby® ) for little girls. Before I ever heard of American Girl dolls, I first heard about the magazine whose motto is "You're great--just the way you are!" Who wouldn't like that?

There are only a few American Girl stores; we were fortunate that one is located in Dallas (the others are in far-off exotic lands like L.A. or Chicago). As we sat outside the two-story building waiting for the doors to open, I must admit, even I was pretty excited.

See? We were all giddy waiting for those doors to open!

H's doll is Nellie, an orphan from the Victorian era whose well-off best friend Samantha helps her secure a better life for herself and her sisters.

This is Bobo's Bitty Baby® named Chrissy (because she got her for Christmas).

Really...Where do you start in a place like this?

Maybe the doll hair salon?

Yep, you heard me right: the doll hair salon!

Nah...just head straight to the dolls!

Or the doll accessories....

These are no ordinary dolls, my friends. They are TALENTED dolls. They can play piano, ride horseback, rollerblade, do ballet, name it! We were particularly fond of this gal as H is the resident fiddler in our family.

Pure, unadulterated joy! (You don't see that very often--lol!).

At the end of our day, H gave me a hug and said, "This was the best birthday ever." All we did was take them shopping and let them spend some of the money they had been saving...but I'll take credit for it anyway! :)

If you have little girls and are in the Dallas area (Galleria Mall), I highly recommend checking this place out. Be forewarned: the dolls are expensive, but there are accessories and books for any budget. Even if you don't buy a thing, it makes a great mommy-daughter outing that is sure to be remembered!

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Bethany said...

WOW!! I'm scared now. lol Too much fun!!!