Sunday, October 05, 2008

First Time Soccer Mom

With fall came my first foray into the world of soccer momdom. Our new friends and neighbors actually introduced the game to our community (where softball & baseball reign supreme). The parents have zero understanding of the rules, but our sidelines still manage to be just as loud as if we actually knew what was really going on. It's quite comical, really.

My eldest has now ranked soccer as her #2 favorite sport flanked by #1-softball (of course) and #3-basketball. I suspect that soccer might be higher on the list if there was less running involved (it would in my book).

I took the ol' camera out for a soccer test run. It must be noted that we were on the side of the field that was not in the best position (sunlight wise) for photos, but I didn't want to wander out of the confines of my Leedey herd (okay, actually, I was just too lazy to move my lawn chair).

Viva la soccer!

"Look Mom--no hands!"

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Bethany said...

Look how fun!!! Go Lauren!