Thursday, October 23, 2008

Limited Time Only: Purchase Images on CD!!

Christmas is coming whether we like it or not (even the weather seems to recognize this lately). As always, Four Seasons Photography will be pleased to bring you a selection of trendy, customized greeting cards for the holiday season, but this year, I'd like to offer you a new option as well:

You heard me can purchase any image on CD (including a reproduction release which will allow you to be able to print your images at any photo lab of your choice) for only $50! Free shipping, too!!

Just follow these five easy steps:

1) Go to and click on the "Digital Image Special" gallery.

2) Click on the image of the ad above.

3) Select the number of images you'd like to purchase & click the "add items to cart" button.

4) After you have completed your transaction, send me an e-mail description or image number of the photo you would like to purchase (image numbers are found on the back of your prints).

5) Check your mailbox & enjoy your digital images! :)

Keep in mind, this is for a limited time only. Just like milk and cookies left for Santa, this offer will disappear on Christmas Eve!

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