Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Engaged: Slade & Jennifer

I know, I know....a "sneak peek" usually doesn't mean posting ten pictures, but it was so hard to decide! I had so many favorites from this session. Truth be told, I would have posted more, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

We met at Slade's family farm somewhere outside of Burns Flat. He didn't think there would be many good places for photographs. Little did he know...

This image, for example, was taken at an old railroad station. There actually used to be town around this station, but now it's just an empty building in the middle of a wheat field.

Slade to Megan: "We just drove by 200 hay bales and you pick these three?" What can I say....I'm a connoisseur of fine hay bales. ;)

And Jennifer doesn't even look a bit concerned about the possibility of snakes being nearby!

Wheat fields...getting closer to harvest time!

This is probably my absolute favorite because it is so natural
(& they look so happy)!

Anyone care to guess how many chiggers/mosquitoes/ticks we brought home from this lush spot? Who cares?! I love, love, LOVE the lush green; it was worth it.

I love this time of the day and its perfect, golden light.

When you marry a farm boy, you have to spend a little time on tractors. :)

I couldn't have asked for nicer weather, a nicer location or a nicer couple for this shoot. Congratulations on your engagement, Slade & Jennifer!!

Location: between Burns Flat and Cordell, OK

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