Sunday, May 17, 2009


We have several new "peeps" living at our house these days. Their names are: Chirp, Chickadee and Spot.

Leedey kindergartners always hatch chicken eggs in an incubator each spring, then they beg and plead with their parents until they let them take one home. I'm thinking the other k-garten parents let me down...because I ended up with three, not one!

I actually grew up on a commercial chicken farm that housed around 24,000 chickens every eight weeks, so I have plenty of experience with these little critters. I tried to talk my youngest out of it: "they are nasty," "they chirp non-stop," "they aren't very smart," etc. etc. But it was useless. The fluffy yellowy cuteness won out and my youngest has now become a Mama Hen. She loves playing "guess which chick this is?" with me. I can't tell them apart (except for Spot who has distinguishing characteristics if you can't tell by his name), but Mama Hen can somehow.

But Mama Hen has been warned: the chicks will have to head to a farm soon! Until then, if you see a little girl "walking" her chicks in the front yard, you'll know the story! :)

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