Monday, May 04, 2009

Senior: Cinda

By no means will I be the one to tell the rain to "go away," but it sure is wrecking havoc on my session schedule these days (that and its cousin, the 100 mph winds!). We cranked out a few shots for Cinda before it started raining, but we kept shooting. This was my first shoot in the rain & it actually wasn't half bad! The wetness really saturates the colors and I loved how it made the old truck look (see final photo). Besides, it'd really be hard to take a bad picture of Cinda!

I have taken pics of old trucks before, but this was a new model (so-to-speak). There is some speculation that it might have been Cinda's dad's old truck, but we weren't for sure. Either way, it's a good lookin' old clunker, isn't it? The rain really made it shine!

Location: Leedey, OK

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