Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Belated Mother's Day

One of the great joys of my job is meeting lots of moms. I especially enjoy the joy in a first-time mom's face on the day she receives her baby's first set of portraits! She is always glowing with happiness. So to all my "mommy" clients, I hope you day was blessed!

I count it all joy to be mom to two lively little girls myself. They keep me on my toes and exhaust me on a daily basis (how come kids get all the energy?--not fair!) but I can't imagine my life without them! Even on the worst of days, hugs & kisses from the little one & "I'm so glad you're my mommy" from the biggest at bedtime makes everything a-okay.

Check out the very cool mom's day gift my preschooler gave to me: a jar full of reasons why she loves her mommy! They were all things like "because she reads to me" (we read a bedtime story every night) or "because she sits with me" or "because I love her kisses." So remember the little things...they really are the BIG things!!

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Jennifer said...

aww, I'm in tears that was so sweet, I love what you got for mother's day to adorable. I love my gift that my kids are here with me and that I can get and give hugs to them anytime I want, thats what I always want or need. I cherish everything that I can, thanks for sharing that with us!