Saturday, May 12, 2007

Western Oklahoma Really Is a Pretty Place!

We went out for a last-minute senior session with Cody who will be graduating in 2 weeks! Congrats! I had the priviledge of being escourted all around a great location out in the country. There were so many great spots to shoot and it was a beautiful sunny day!

When I first moved to Oklahoma from Arkansas as a teenager, I'll admit that it took some getting used to. I had grown up with towering trees and the sudden change to rolling hills and wide-open spaces with few trees was just...well, DIFFERENT! But now, as I drive around western Oklahoma I appreciate the beauty that is all around me. It's so nice to see dark green wheat fields when everything else is dead & brown in winter time. The wide-open spaces don't bother me anymore. In fact, I enjoy being able to see for miles and watching sunsets on our plainslands. It's a very peaceful, very beautiful place to you can see in some of Cody's portraits:

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Jennifer said...

These are all great, I love the style of these, very cool and modern with a little country mixed into it!