Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tea Time!

I was invited to sit in on the tea for the Leedey senior girls this week. Now, Leedey may be small (we only have eight senior girls this year), but we know how to "do it up right." Girls were dressed to the "T" (hats included!), the decor was "purdy" (that's country-speak; "pretty" for all of the city folk out there) and the food was just as festive! I left feeling totally jealous because my senior tea was held in the high school cafeteria with little or no decoration and I don't don't recall any actual tea, either (they had some very yummy peach tea at the Leedey Tea!). Then again, it's been a while and maybe my memory has become a little fuzzy....

Congrats to all the senior girls. I hope you enjoy these last fast & furious weeks of high school! You all looked very "purdy" this week! ;)

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Rebekah said...

These are super cute!!