Thursday, August 28, 2008

The New "Spokesbaby" of Elk City March of Dimes

Meet the new "spokesbaby" for Elk City's chapter of the March of Dimes: Kash. You might remember seeing Kash when he was three months old....can you believe he's 7 months now? And check out those gorgeous blue eyes!! Who can resist those beautiful little peepers?

If you'd like to contribute to the campaign to help and/or prevent premature birth and or childhood disabilities, you can participate in a March for Babies near you. You can also donate to the March of Dimes.

(And, to be precise, I'm not sure his title is actually "spokesbaby" since he technically can not speak yet, but you know what I mean!)


Bethany said...

He is SO sweet!!!

Dejah Quinn said...

she's beautiful and I'm loving your senior pics!

Megan said...

Thanks, Dejah!