Saturday, August 16, 2008

When A Photograph Becomes A Treasure

Yesterday, I received a terribly sad phone call. This beautiful family, whom I photographed back in June, is now without a father and a husband due to a tragic accident. My heart is so heavy for their family and they have been in my thoughts and prayers throughout the past 24 hours.

In times of sorrow, photographs somehow transform from a print on paper to something so much more important. I know that when my father-in-law passed away, the portrait that we forced him to take a month before his death became a treasure. And as we browsed through photo albums and boxes of pictures, we were able to share fond memories, laugh and cry together. It was a wonderful part of the healing process.

I'm so glad that the Ford family was able to get together for a family portrait this summer. I'm sure the men were less than happy, the kids whined a bit and the women stressed over matching wardrobes, but I'm almost positive that it was worth the efforts. I'm sure their photographs have suddenly become invaluable to them.

Please remember the Ford family in your prayers.

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Bethany said...

Such a tragedy, my heart and prayers go to this family.