Sunday, August 31, 2008

Seniors: Share Your Smile Online

Did you know that some of our newly revised senior packages include a web-ready images for online sharing? While these images aren't sized for print (if you try to print them, they will be pixelated and ugly...not to mention that would be violation of federal copyright laws, but that's another story), they are perfect for posting on myspace, facebook, using for avatars, e-mail, etc. How fun is that?

Contact me if you are interested in seeing the new senior package pricelists and all the goodies they include. (Visit the "contact" section of my website)

Megan Franks specializes in on-location photography, photography for high school seniors, in western Oklahoma. (Leedey, Elk City, Hammon, Clinton, Weatherford, Vici, Woodward, Burns Flat and beyond.)

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