Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BFF {in Black & White}

I'm in a black & white sort of mood today, probably because it's been grey and rainy for three days!

Today I want to introduce you to someone special: my BFF--or best friend--Heather.

You've probably seen her pop up on my blog before because we've officially been best friends for five years though we've known each other for ten (oh my gosh, that makes me feel old!). So how do you transition from being casual friends to being best friends? I had talked Heather into attending our church's summer youth camp as a sponsor with me. On the drive down, she told me that her best friend had just moved away, "..so I was thinking that maybe we could be best friends now." We were just being silly of course, but from that moment on, we were officially "BFF's."

When we get together, we often transform into silly teenage girls again (much to our husbands' dismay).

Heather is the stylish, fashionable one in this friendship. She enjoys buying expensive girly things (like hundred dollar + purses!) that I would never even consider. She loves to take me shopping (something I hate) and gets joy out of the moments when she actually convinces me to buy something that I would never ordinarily purchase. But like any good partnership, I am her "voice of reason," reminding her to buy clothing that is machine-washable (why complicate life?) and that people with vein problems shouldn't be wearing three inch heels everyday.

Even though Heather is a naturally beautiful girly-girl and I'm just a simple plain-Jane, we still go together like PB&J. She doesn't criticize me when I'm having an obviously bad hair day (see above) and I just laugh about her sometimes crazy obsessions.

Heather loves my own kids as much as she loves her own.

And, when we're together, we can consume this many donuts without condemnation.

In two days.

All of them.

(They were yummy.)

We also share an affinity for cookies and devil bites, just in case you were wondering.

One of the best parts is that both of our families get along so well! We've been going on beach vacations together for four years now and we always end up counting the days until the next trip as soon as we get back home. People warned us that vacationing together could possibly ruin our friendship, but they were oh-so-wrong.

There was a time in my life when I thought I was okay on my own and that I didn't need a good girlfriend. I was wrong. Heather is my encourager, cheerleader, sunshine on a cloudy day and all the other cliches. The only bad part about our friendship: she's in Texas & I'm in Oklahoma. Thank goodness for cell phones and the internet!!!

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Bethany said...

Aren't BFF's just the best??? So cute!